NHHIO Participant Directory


A growing number of providers are more effectively managing the flow of patient information.

The New Hampshire Health Information Organization (NHHIO) Participant Directory is maintained monthly by NHHIO and is comprised of both members of NHHIO as well as healthcare facilities that are participating in the Advance Interoperable Health Information Technology grant currently being offered through NHHIO.

Organizations may use the NHHIO Participant Directory to help determine which of their current trading partners are using Direct Health Information Exchange. The Participant Directory does not, however, provide details as to which types of messages the Participant is ready to receive. If your trading partner is in the Directory, please reach out to the technical contact listed to determine their readiness for exchange.

To use the directory, simply enter in your zip code and search within a radius. Or, you can narrow your search by selecting the type of organization you’re interested in finding, such as Hospitals, Behavioral Health Care Facilities or Medical Providers Offices (Primary and Specialty Care).

Each organization will have one of three status listed next to the Using Electronic Direct Health Information Exchange: Yes, Testing, Pending. See below for a description of each status.

  • Yes – Organization is using Direct Electronic Health Information Exchange
  • Testing – Organization has implemented the technology to support Direct Electronic Health Information Exchange, but are currently in the process of testing the functionality.
  • Pending – Organization plans to implement the technology, but has not yet done so.
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