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Participation Agreements


Our agreements, policies and procedures are available at your fingertips.

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Participation Documents

NHHIO HIE Participation Agreement

This HIE Participation Agreement outlines NHHIO's role and responsibilities as well as Participant obligations.

Addendum 1 - HIE Services Addendum

This HIE Services Addendum describes the terms of use, depending upon the connection type used by the participating organization.  

Addendum 2 - Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures described in this document applly to all Participants and Authorized Users using the NH Health Information Exchange and are intended to ensure that the NH Health Information Exchange is used in an effective, effecient, ethical and lawful manner.  

Addendum 3 - Delegated Administration Agreement

This Delegated Administration Agreement governs the participating organizations creation, oversight and termination of the Participant's authorized users.  

Attachment 1 to Addendum 3, Delegated Administration Agreement is the document used to name the two individuals who are authorized by the Participant as Delegated Administrators.

Addendum 4 - Access Administrator Agreement

The Access Administrator Agreement governs the Access Administrators roles and responsibilities.  

Addendum 5 - Business Associate Agreement

This Business Associate Agreement outlines obligations of Business Associates to follow HIPAA guidelines around permitted use and disclosure of Protected Health Information as well as breach notficiation requirements.  

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